Mother’s Day Gift

How about making your mum a very special Mother’s Day present?


A book of coupons is a great idea. It contains vouchers of different things which you can do to help her. When she gives you the coupon then you have to do it!


Make a cover that says: Coupon Book for the Best Mum in the World – Happy Mother’s Day, 2009!


Make some pages of coupons. Examples:

I’ll be quiet for 5 minutes.

I’ll look after my sister/brother.

I’ll hoover.

I’ll walk the dog.

Good for one free kiss/hug.

I’ll sing you a song.

I’ll eat all of my vegetables.

I’ll do the laundry.

I’ll clear (or set) the table.

I’ll carry the shopping in.

I’ll water the flowers.

I’ll make you breakfast in bed.


This flower is similar to the coupon book in that you promise to help with jobs around the house. The difference is that Mum can pull the petals off of a flower to “redeem” the flower petal coupon.


Use a small paper plate and copy this poem onto paper to be glued in the middle of the plate:

I love you for

The things you do.

Here are some things

I’ll do for you!

Tear off a petal

Once in awhile,

And I’ll do something

To make you smile!


The outside petals each list a job.


Ideas from the following website:

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