Lily Update

Lily will be twenty weeks old tomorrow. I can’t believe where the time has gone! She is still busy growing – getting longer and heavier. I haven’t been to have her weighed for a couple of weeks.

Lily is now doing her best to sit up when she is lying down. She can sit up but still needs support otherwise she falls over all of a sudden! She loves playing with balls. She has a small ball rattle with a ribbon attached and she has taken to swinging that around hitting everyone. Lily has now discovered the television and would happily sit there watching it if we would let her. She is fascinated by people talking and particularly likes Loose Women, David Dickinson and Alan Titchmarsh!!!

We are going to the zoo for the first time on Thursday and have such a busy week planned this week. I am making the most of being at home with Lily as I will soon be back at school with all of you! We are looking forward to meeting up with Mrs Squire and George on Wednesday. Hopefully we will be visiting Mrs Matthews and Jessica in the Easter holidays.

I will try and upload a video of Lily playing in her ‘baby nest’ with Winnie the Pooh.

See you all really soon!!!!

Miss Leaman & Lily

14 thoughts on “Lily Update

  1. Helloooo x
    I Miss Watcombe x
    I Hope You And Lily Are well x
    Love Millie x

  2. Hi Lily Has Grown Loads

    So I Guess Mrs Matthews Had A Little Girl Do You Know How Old She Is??

    Naomi xxxxx

  3. Cant wait to see you, My family (and Tony G) are opening a sweet shop and after school we were painting our shop for ages. (almost done). We are getting a licence from a place that my mum’s friend knows, so we may be open in a few weeks.

    If you want to know more please give me a comment,
    It is going to be called Peckish.

    🙂 Missile Mike 🙂

  4. Hi Naomi. I hope that you are well. Mrs Matthews gave birth to Jessica just over two weeks ago.

    Hi Michael. A sweet shop is a very good shop! I am glad to hear that you are helping out. Where is the sweet shop?

    Hi Millie. We miss you too! Lily & I are fine thank you.

    Miss Leaman

  5. Hi Misss Leaman,

    The sweet shop is going to be in my garage so im painting it, getting a new table to put in it.

    I will tell you when it is open.

    Hope to see you soon!

    😀 Missile Mike 😀

  6. A sweet shop!, Wish I could come but I can’t I’m in Liverpool.
    Who is the MISSILE MIKE person who keeps posting every where?

    Robin @ Liverpool

  7. Robin, Missile Mike is a pupil in my class at school.

    Michael, I have removed the details about where the shop will be for internet safety reasons – never give out your address!!!

  8. Hello Naomi x
    You Okay ??
    I Havent Seen You In Ages x
    I Am Glad You And Lily Are Ok Miss x
    Love Millie x

  9. hey miss leaman we all miss u loadz and ur right lily has grown loads
    r we allowd to buy lily a present to give 2 u wen u come back?????

  10. hi miss leaman r u ok? i think lily is soooooooo cute i am gonna b in year 8 soon and westlands soooooo cool i have made lots oof friends

    i miss u alisha and westlands is soo small c u at westlands


  11. i no this will not b anything about lily but can anyone go to the disco

    signed clo clo

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