Lily Updates…

As I will be back at work soon, I will have less time to write updates about Lily Mae so I have decided to keep you informed in a different way.  On the right hand side of the screen you will see a new ‘widget’ called Lily Mae updates.  I will update Lily’s Twitter page regularly and that will keep the blog updated.  So in future you will see short updates but more regular ones.  I will still post some pictures from time to time on the blog so that you can see how she is growing.

You will be able to see from today’s update that Lily is a very poorly little girl today. 😦  She woke up this morning and could hardly breathe as she has such a sore throat.  It was quite scary and I thought that we were going to have to call the doctor out or take her to hospital.  She was upset and that made it even harder for her to breathe.  However, after an hour or so she was a bit better.  She is now coughing lots and obviously still has a very sore throat but she is still smiling and trying to be a happy little sole in between her long sleeps.  I hope that she get better really soon!

6 thoughts on “Lily Updates…

  1. 😦 give lilly all my love and hope she gets better soon shes really cute as well get well soon hannahxxx

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