16 thoughts on “Hamster

  1. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr this is so cute i wish i had a hamster hannahxxx

  2. I luv this web site its well gud and the hamsters soo cute i wish he were real if he were id call him Fritz!

  3. i used to have a hamster called Fritz but one day my gran saw him squeezed under the wheel:(
    and we had a hamster called lulu its a rlly small 1
    and it died 4 days ago (2 or 3 yrs ) and 3 yrs is rlly old 4 a hamster!

  4. i love playing with the hamster,he makes me laugh because he takes the food from your hand.thank you mrs leaman for giving us all the realy good games on your weblog.I AM SO HAPPY PLAYING WITH THE HAMSTER!!!

  5. this hamster is so cute and i love playing with it its like playing with a real one 🙂

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