11 thoughts on “Opinions please…

  1. It may save water, but won’t it encorage secondry school children to have more than just friendly relationships, and for younger kids somwhere to go privately to kiss or something like that.

    🙂 Missile Mike 🙂

    P.S If this comment does not approve to you please edit it.

  2. I have to say this is a bit to good an idea because big kids will yake all the toilets

  3. i dont think this this a good idea cause the toilets r the only place we dont see boys and thats good but all that will b gon if this goes ahead

  4. this is a terrib;e idea because it could be a private place for boys and girls to go and kiss or something.
    Also boys need there privacy and so do girls!

  5. i think it is not a good idea coz girls and boys sharing a toilet i think is just wrong coz girls need their own privacy and so do boys so i think they should just carry on as separte toilets 🙂

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