Lily Mae…

Lily is now just over seven months old.  She now has three meals a day as well as milk four times a day.  She has learned how to sit up and roll over.  Lily likes to stand up ALL of the time but needs someone to support her so we have got a baby walker for her so that she feels like she is standing all of the time.  Her laugh is really cute and she giggles if you call her ‘monkey’.  She is still a  good little girl and she loves being with her Nanny when I go to work.  Lily is lucky to have a cousin called Yasmin who plays with her and who also makes her laugh.  I will upload some recent pictures for you to have a look at.

18 thoughts on “Lily Mae…

  1. thankyou for putting some photos of lily on the blog,
    certain photos she looks like you miss leaman others she looks like her dad. Can’t wait for some more.

  2. This is Andy. Can you let me know your direct email address so I can send some photos?

  3. hi miss leaman its hannah do u like my new name hannah montana freak i think its well cool and the lilly mae pics r well cute i think she is so sweet and i dont want to leave watcombe but ill still go on the blog to see lilly mae 😉 bye

  4. and to see wats going on at watcombe and see wat people have done in your next class 😦

  5. hiya miss leaman lilly looks like a little miss you lol
    hope u r alright
    chloe xxxxxxx butcherxxxxx

  6. Hi everyone, Jo here lush baby Miss Leamon so cute. Sorry I haven’t comented for ever I have been so bissy. I’m a year 8 now. WAHOO!!!!!!lOTS OF LOVE JOxxx

  7. Hi I Know I haven’t posted in a while but my internet hasn’t been working at home so I’m using the school one right now. 🙂

  8. Lilly mae is a really sweet little girl she looks like you miss leaman chloe butcher xxxx

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