Lily Mae Update

Lots of you have been posting to ask how Lily is so I thought that I would do a blog update.

Lily is now ten and a half months old – where did that time go?  She is now crawling everywhere.  Lily can stand but she cannot walk without support at the moment.  She has two teeth which are razor sharp.  She is still a very happy little baby but she does sometimes get a bit grumpy when she is tired at bedtime.  While I am at work her Nanny and Auntie look after her and she has a lovely time.  She can say mum, mum, mum but prefers to say dad, dad, dad even though I try to persuade her not to!

I will try to upload some pictures for you.  One of them is of her looking over the wardrobe door to see what I am up to and the other is of her on the beach covered in strawberry juice.


Miss Leaman

15 thoughts on “Lily Mae Update

  1. awww lilly has grown abit and the time has gone really fast shes 1 soon isnt she??

  2. hi how is she she looks well but u cant always judge somthing by its pic so how is she???????

  3. hi i was in ict when i published this comment just to let u knoe we made a great underwater picture on CAD it was fantastic.see you ate school tommorow.bye.

  4. awww she is sooo cute mum sed she sw her the other day with u i was well gellous luv steph g xxx

  5. aw she is so cute she is as cute as george, see you soon bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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