Thanks for visiting!

There are still lots of regular visitors to the blog. 

In the past couple of days both Ella and Katie have left posts asking how I am.  Thank you for asking.  I am fine, still busy with school, but good thank you.  Lily is now just over a year old.  She can walk and today has learned how to turn the television on and off (her record is sixteen times in one minute despite us trying to stop her!).

Ella, I hope that everything is going well at Stoodley Knowle.  Are they working you hard?

Katie, how is life in Australia?  Do you still miss England? 

Thank you both for becoming a friend of Watcombe Primary School on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Thanks for visiting!

  1. Hey miss L, life in oz is… warm… I miss England alot though. I hope I can come for a holiday within the next couple of years. x 😀

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