Egyptian Day – Costume Ideas!

[ Costume Masks Egyptian Mask -  ]


I have found lots of different sites which will help you to prepare your costume for our Egyptian day. I hope that they help!  We are looking forward to seeing our Egyptian class…

Full costume –

Pharaohs –

Funky Pharaoh Costume –

Egyptian Costume and Accessories –

Costume and Accessories –

25 thoughts on “Egyptian Day – Costume Ideas!

  1. hi miss Leaman looking forward to seeing u dessed up as an
    Egyptian costume have fun on the day

  2. I am really looking forward to come to school dressed like a Egyptian.
    I have a few ideas.

  3. i think the egyptian links i will make them when i get home and i will enjoy comeing in as an egyptian

  4. good i will make somethings out of that and i am looking forword to dressd like a Egyptian how ever it was that made the idea it is really good

  5. I can’t wait to see everyone in there egyptian costumes! lol it’ll be well fun

  6. i am so excied about dressing up i have a really good ideas for my costume but if it does not work i am afaid i will have to buy something but i hope that does hope ever one is looking fab can,t what

  7. i am really loking forward to dress up it will be really funand cant wait to see miss leamen
    in her coustuem and i have really good ideas ass well

  8. hi miss leaman am looking forward to seeing you in your amazing agipshan costume i hope u enjoy the day and i hope u enjoy seeing us in are agipshan costumes to i hope we all make good costumesxxxxxxxxx:)

  9. i am excited about our day as being a egyptian i am building up my ideas but i do have a nice idea as what i am going to look like !

  10. i am very looking forward to drees up in egyption day becouse it is gowing to be fun and greatxxx

  11. Miss Leaman I am looking forward to what Egyptian costume when we have our Egyptian day.

  12. I cant wait to dress up as a egupt it is going to be so fun i am going to make my own corstume but if I dont I will by one of my own.icant wait i wish it was tomorrow.If i cant find a costume i am gonner dress up as a mummy if i dont dress up as a mummy I will be a slave or I will make somthink up.

  13. can’t wait to wear the egytion stuf it is going to be fun. Can’t wait any longer going to were somrthing cool for egytion might be a mummy or a slave. But don’t chreat me like a slave ok it is going to be fun can’t wait any longer.

  14. i am really looking forward to the egyptians day and i know what to make i have got really good idears for my suit and i am makeing it all on my own i cant wait till the day it will be fanatastice to do it

  15. Hi Miss L I love your idears for the Eygept costumes they sound easy to make and best to wear.

  16. i am starting makeing my costume step by step miss leamon cant wait till the daymiss

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