13 thoughts on “Tutankhamen’s Tomb – Artefacts

  1. i can’t wait untill tuesday, i know what i will be wearing. I have had some sort of idea from the other classes. But I have got a completly differnt idea to everyone else. My dad is helping me make it.

  2. i feel like it is right in front off me but it isnti love doing this topic i learn so much and i enjoy it

  3. i can,t what till tuseday i have a really good idea for my costume i was so excited when i foled out that are topic was about egypt

  4. Hi Miss-L I love your choices of images they are realy nice you have chosen some very nice ones cant until Egyption day from stara

  5. Miss leman,
    Just to let you know at home i am making a horrible history book on publisher!!
    ( I don’t know why i am telling you)

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