6 thoughts on “Eating Biscuits

  1. B1! I have just visited your blog and am shocked! In fact I am having to sit down. Why are you eating biscuits in your maths lesson? Maths lessons are for maths not eating biscuits. How could this possible help your learning! What will you be doing next? Eating doughnuts in ltieracy… I will have to speak to Miss. Leaman!

  2. We were being prim-eaters we had to eat the edge of the biscut and then we ate the area of the biscut that is why we were eating biscuts in our maths lesson and it does help us learn.

  3. Howdy miss Leaman we were only eating biscutes in maths it was helping with are maths. I hope miss Leaman dose not get into trouble because she is the best teacher i have ever had in maths and science. Aimee

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