Interesting facts about the ‘weblog’…

Did you know:

– Miss Leaman’s Weblog was created in October 2007 so it is now just over three years old.

– It has averaged about 100,000 hits per year.

– At its busiest in 2009, it was getting around 350 hits per day.

– The busiest month was in January 2009 when it was getting 650 hits per day – AMAZING!!!

– In recent weeks the blog has been getting around 700 visitors a week, 100 per day.

– The most popular posts are those involving optical illusions.

– I have made just under 1000 posts on the blog.

– There have been 4,300 comments from visitors.

Last year I was considering closing the blog down as I didn’t have time to maintain it or write new posts.  Now the blog, along with the class blogs, is going from strength to strength and I am looking forward to reaching half a million hits (500,000) although I will have to wait for a while yet!!!

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