Get well soon Mrs Wege…

I hope that Mrs Wege feels better soon.  She is still poorly and won’t be in school tomorrow again.  I think that we finished her off with our party last week.

I am so excited about your ‘graduation’ ceremony on Thursday.  You will all look fantastic in your costumes.  The question is… will Dumbledore make an appearance???

Miss L

7 thoughts on “Get well soon Mrs Wege…

  1. I really hope that Dumbledore will turn up i was dissapointed when he didnt turn up for the party!

  2. He can’t as in the film harry potter and the half blood prince dumbledore dies!!!

  3. Thank you for your get well wishes – I needed them!!
    I hope to be back on Thursday. I would’nt want to miss Dumbledore’s appearance and, of course, your graduation ceremony. I know you have all been fantastic scientists. See you soon,
    Love Mrs Wege 🙂

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