This is Georgia and in B1 we have been using our new visualizer to make some new animations this has been really fun because at first it was a really easy animation because all you had to do is make someone walk which is the most simple thing in the world . When we were doing this we only had visualizer and little people you could use 1 2 or 3 people in this animation. Today we had a harder challenge because we had to make an animation of a nursery rhyme most groups did a different animation but 2 groups did the same. In this animation we had a visualizer and either people, plasticine or things from home. Through the week our challenges are going to get harder. We are also using the incredibles as are challenge people yesterday was Jack Jacks challenge and today was Dash’s challenge Violet will be tomorrow, then Mrs incredible and last but not least mr incredible his challenge will be really hard I wonder what it will be.

From Georgia!!!!!!

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