My stars for this week…

Miss Leaman believes that you should reach for the stars because if you aim high then you will achieve wonderful things.  This week I have noticed some of the children in B1 ‘reaching for the stars’ and really trying to get better in their work so I thought that I would give them a special mention on the blog.

1. Jack – what an amazing effort in Numeracy.  You have impressed both Mrs Wege and myself.  We think that you are going to make very impressive progress this year.  Keep it up!

2. Lauren – I knew that you were going to be a hard worker!  Such determination to get on in lessons and to get things right.  You have even completed some challenging questions at home.  Well done.

3. Katie – I have been so impressed with your mathematical ability.  You solve problems quickly, confidently and with great accuracy.  Again, I am predicting amazing progress from you this year.  What a star!

I enjoyed our first mentoring session this week.  It was nice to have a chat about how you were finding life in B1.  I especially liked having time to sit and talk to Harvey and Aston who I have not really had a good opportunity to talk to or work alongside in class yet.  I look forward to seeing the other half of the class at our next mentoring session in two weeks.

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