Well done B1!

Well done to all of B1. 23 out of 25 of the class were in at 8.30am for early morning Zumba and you all made an amazing effort for the first day of your SATs tests. I was pleased to see that none of you were really worried. Remember that there is no need to worry, all you need to do is your best – that is all that anyone can ask for. I am very proud of you – keep smiling. You are all amazing!

Just to make you smile, here is a picture of the new arrival at Paignton Zoo:

One thought on “Well done B1!

  1. Hi B1,
    Well done all for turning up early for Zumba – it really gets you in the right frame of mind for some possitive brain activity! I sent best wishes via Mrs Fawcett and to wish you all good luck. As Miss Leaman said just do your best and be proud of yourselves.
    Love from Mrs.Wege 🙂
    PS love reading what you are all up to in class!

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