Friday’s Challenge

Today’s challenge is to find out about Australia as part of our arts and culture week. You will need to put together either a powerpoint or fact sheet about the country.

You could include things such as:
– where it is in the world
– a map of the country
– capital city
– information about the weather there
– interesting places in Australia
– information about the animals who live there
– information about aboriginal people
– a picture of the flag

Here are some useful sites:

2 thoughts on “Friday’s Challenge

  1. I can’t make a power point at home so I am going to try and make the next best thing, a book. Oh yes this morning I went to Asda and I saw the thing where you put tokens in charity boxes to raise money for them. You’ll never guess what, we are one of the charity’s the description said it was for the mini bus. I did not even bother to read the other ones I just put the tokens straight in.

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