14 thoughts on “Here are developments…

  1. Well done B1. Some great art work. I have been really impressed with how well you have developed Picasso’s style. You are doing a great job with using different colours and perspectives. I think that your acrylic paintings were FAB!

  2. I really enjoyed doing this picture because it turned out the best. Allso it will be fun doing this on canvas.

  3. I have enjoyed the art. i really liked when we use the acrylics and the oil patles because the acrylics standed out bright and fab and the oil patles where good with the back ground we made.also i like when we did the patten one where we had to draw the pattens on the picture.

  4. I really enjoyed doing the Pablo Picasso art work. Also i think i did a good job with the film that you put on it really hepeld.

  5. i have leant a lot about pcassio’s style. i like when we done the patterns in oil pastls. i would improve on making it cover all the gapes. i also like the acryics and uesing crazy colours. i have doveloped lots of skills quickly. i would improve on making it more wired and funky.

  6. I think that this piece of work was the easyist bit of the piccaso art. I liked that i did shades of different colours on that art work.I would like to improve my skin colour because it was to realistic. 🙂

  7. I reall enjoyed doing the piccaso portraits and i cant wait until we do the final ones. The watercolours were a bit hard to use but i was fine. I am proud of myself and impressed. It is a really good topic and i have enjoyed it I hope we do something like it again!

  8. I thought that b1 did a great job at all the picasso portraits espeacially acrylics.on all the other portraits we used pencils to do and outline of the picasso portraits but on the acrylics we did it straight on the paper. Thank you for teaching us all these skills. 😉

  9. I think this has been my favourite topic in all of the time I have been in B1 !!! I am bursting to do my finished piece on the fancy canvases. I have enjoied finding out about Picasso but what I most enjoied was practicing all the skills.I mostly enjoied using the acrilycs.

  10. I thought that i did well in the picasso work and really enjoyed doing the paintings and using the brush teckneque on my picasso work . on the oil pastle picasso work i think i did well on the drawing and coloring on my picasso work on my picture . the picasso work on the acrylic paints were verry good on my painting doing the eyes and mouth were quite hard and i can’t wait to do my canvas picture on picasso 😉

    thank you Miss Leaman and Mr Bates.

  11. I have really enjoyed my art. This pertiuler art was hard because it was water coulur and it was hard to get the pencel lines out. My favrate peace of art was the acryclics. I am looking forword to painting on canvas. Our first art was great because we had to follow somebody to help us.

  12. Hi it’s kit kat. Over the past few weeks I have been doing some picasso style pictures including crazy colours .My first painting wasn’t the best but it was alright.We used pastils , water colours and acrilics wich I prefered.

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