17 thoughts on “Family Challenge Ideas – Recycled Christmas Decorations

  1. I’m going to make a pillow. By decorating a pillow case with old clothes.

  2. Hi miss Leaman I want to do the school’s family challenge but I don’t know when its due in!?
    Say hi to your lovely lily and tell your elves to behave themselves.
    By the way I wold like my money back for that purse you sold me Its falty.

  3. Dose painting a tin count as a Christmas decoration and I also like the bag my sister was jealous because she got a clip from Mrs Boother for 50p but my bag was 20p

  4. Mrs Smyth Said to Nikita that L1 is not doing the challenge because they have not had a letter saying there is a challenge homework.

  5. The challenge is open to everyone Lauren. A letter has gone home via email and it has been put onto Facebook. Nikita can enter too!

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