Heart & Lungs Up Close!

We were so lucky to have the opportunity to investigate a real heart and lungs up close.  Mr Saunders kindly gave up his time to show us how they link together and point out important features which we had learnt about.  We looked at a pig’s heart and lungs as they are very close to our own in terms of size and appearance.  It was so interesting to be able to see the aorta and chambers of the heart and how the respiratory and digestive system are located to close to each other.  B1 asked some really interesting questions such as what happens when we cough and what the lymph nodes for.

Here are some pictures from the afternoon:

23 thoughts on “Heart & Lungs Up Close!

  1. Thank you Mr Saunders for taking time of to show us the heart and lungs of a pig.


  3. thank you Mr.Saunders for showing us the pigs heart and lungs and thank you for letting us feel and touch it.

  4. thank you Mr.Saunders for coming to show us the wonderful pair of heart and lungs.

  5. Thank you Mr Saunders we really enjoyed looking and feeling the pigs heart and lungs it was amazing, you know loads of facts!!

  6. Thank you Mr. Saunders that was a great explamnation and thanks for using your own time also your own knowlege. Amazing facts!

  7. Thank you Mr Sarnders for giving up your time to show us the pigs heat and lungs

  8. i loved the heart and lungs, it was amazing to see what the pigs herat and lungs looked like

  9. Thank you Mr Saunders for taking the time to fill us with fantastic facts about the heart and lungs.

  10. Thank you Mr.Saunders for taking your time to tell us amazing facts about the pigs heart and lungs.

  11. I loved the heart and lungs i really enjoyed it. Thank you for letting us hold them my fav part was the tung.

  12. Thank you so much, it was grose at first but then I was really fasinated.Inever knew you knew so much , thanks.

  13. I’m glad you all enjoyed learning about the circulatory system. Keep up the good work B1 & B2

  14. What an amazing learning opportunity you have had with the real heart and lungs. Plus it was great to see from the photos that you were having a real hands on experience too! Best wishes from Mrs Wege x

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