11 thoughts on “Poor Sonny

  1. Hi miss leaman I am in hospital and broke my left leg in two places and probably having a metal plate put inn:-(

  2. Keep us updated Sonny. Hope that the operation is ok today. I am getting lots of updates – everyone is thinking of you. Take care. Miss L

  3. Hi sonny it is kitkat I saw u at the hospital hope u get better u looked very brave davinia said hope u get better bye

  4. I AM HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! At last, I have had bleeping and babies crying all day and all night for three days

    I still have to try and do my homework though!!!!!!!!

    Kitkat (Kaitlin) what did you do to your arm?

    I also thought of hassan because every two hours a lady would touch my toes to see if the blood was still circulating. One night I was sleeping and thought hassan had came to visit me and as the lady was touching my toes (I was still asleep) I thought it was hassan. Because it started to hert my feet I shouted at the lady…………..HASSAN GET OF MY FEET!!!! At the top of my voise then I realised it was the lady.very embarrassing.

  5. Sonny is starting to put alot of weight on his leg,but is getting pain sometimes and is getting very good with crutches.

  6. Thanks for keeping us updated Gabriel. I knew that Sonny would be good on his crutches. How long does he need to have a cast for?

  7. Hi sonny itsJada,poor you I bet you have been really brave .Hope your ok and the pain has eased off a little bit. hopfully u are ok for school. will u still need crutches for schoool or will u be able to walk and have the cast off.

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